Commanding OfficerTalia Kefira Northrop
Executive OfficerMadeline Merriweather
Second OfficerDr. Mesri Keth Dera Kay
Chief of the Boat---

Chief Flight Control Officer---
Flight Control OfficerNiv Ma'Chalaky

Chief Security OfficerMiriam Locke
Chief Tactical Officer---

Chief Engineering OfficerDanetria Eleftheria Andrakos
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer---

Chief Operations OfficerAren Kurt Baldwin (PNPC)
Asst. Chief Operations OfficerNaomi Mara Justin (PNPC)
Operations Officer/Specialist ---

Chief Medical OfficerDr. Mesri Keth Dera Kay
Asst. Chief Medical OfficerDr. Naerwin Natuile
Chief CounselorNadja Tatiana Verha (PNPC)

Chief Science Officer---
Asst. Chief Science OfficerSophie Lancaster (PNPC)

Marine Commanding OfficerMelody Anne Richards
Marine Executive Officer---

Squadron Commander, VC-1---
Executive Officer, VC-1---
Fighter Pilot---
Marine Fighter Pilot---