Stardate 64699.9 (9/12/2010)
Welcome to the new home of the USS Camelot, proud member of Task Force 47, Obsidian Fleet. Over the next week or two I will be adding more content to the website and sprucing it up a bit. I'm sure everyone here knows the circumstances of our last CO's departure, and while I am not happy that the oportunity presented itself, I am proud to be able to continue the legacy of Commanding Officers like Gabriel Cardinal, Elizabeth Huchinson, and Issac Reed.

To my crew, I've done my best to accurately copy your bios from the old site, but now would be a good time to email me with a revised or completely new version of your character bios. Any suggestions or critiques on the website would be more than welcome.

I will be NPCing Captain Reed for the remainder of the current mission, and then introducing your new Commanding Officer, Talia Kefira Northrop. I know Rhiannon, Sadie, and Nadja have an upcoming JP, and I need to finish one with Issac, Ma'Chalaky, and Madeline. Anyone who needs and individual JP, feel free to email or Y!Message me.

Lt. Commander Talia Northrop
Commanding Officer
USS Camelot